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Heads up display goggles - GPS

This week we had our frame reps come in n show off their new models of frames and goggles etc. I was working on the shop floor so I don't really get to see what goes on in these meetings, but I got a call off Chris for me to come up n check something out.

Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses

The new, original and folding sunglasses, with model codes RB2132, RB2140 and RB4105 respectively, are our 2012 bestsellers. These Ray Ban glasses come with a huge selection of colours including the ever popular black and tortoise, the modern white, blue and red and the must-have rare prints.

Online sunglasses

Our online Sunglasses shop provides a wide choice of mens, womens and kids frames ranging from cheap sunglasses to top designer sunglasses. So if you need to buy sunglasses for sport, ski goggles or simply want the latest hot fashion accessory for driving or reading in the sun, look no further.

10 things you may need to know before buying bifocal and varifocal prescription lenses online

Bifocal or varifocal lenses may be suitable if you need different prescriptions for seeing in the distance and for reading. We do sell bifocal and varifocal lenses via our online glasses shop, as long as you have successfully worn bifocals and varifocals before and if your optician has recommended them for this prescription.

Better than 2 for 1 glasses

Looking for cheap glasses online? Ever thought that the best deal out there is buying 2 for 1? Think again! With most of our competitors advertising this supposedly great offer, I`d like to show you 10 reasons why I think that our no gimmicks pricing gives you a choice that is better than any 2 for 1 deal.

Rave on! Glow in the dark

Techno? Drum n bass? Dubstep? Whatever your rave, we might just have the right specs for you. New in the mix (pun very much intended), the converse sunglasses-lineup glow .

Dirty Dog - Serious eyewear for seriously dirty people

Dirty Dog was first formed in the 1980s by a talented group of designers with exceptional experience in the field of eyewear.

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