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Bono Sunglasses - Buy vision, give sight

The performance eyewear label Revo and the lead singer Bono, of top rock band U2, have joined forces in a campaign to prevent visual impairment and blindness in 5 million individuals across the globe by 2020. The project named “Buy Vision, Give Sight” will raise $10 million to enable better access to eye examinations, prescription spectacles and eye health treatment in global communities that are under-resourced.

Oakley History

The Oakley brand was born in 1975, with one mad scientist, his garage laboratory, an investment of $300, and a dog named Oakley. Wanting to break through the boundaries of industry standards, the founder of Oakley, James ‘Jim’ Jannard, aspired to create products that worked better and looked better than anything out there: he wanted artwork that performed.

Oakley fast jacket and Oakley fast jacket XL

The Oakley Fast Jacket™ and larger Fast Jacket™ XL fall into the brand’s Sport collection.

Oakley Frogskins

The Oakley Frogskins® model is one of the bestsellers in the fashion sunglasses market which is why this trendy, unisex frame has been through several interesting reinventions. In the latest Oakley collection it belongs in the Lifestyle theme.

Oakley Holbrook

The highly sought after Oakley Holbrook™ was designed in collaboration with the legendary American professional skateboarder and snowboarder, Shaun White

Oakley M frame

Oakley released the M Frame in 1989. It was originally named the Mumbo but this was soon changed due to a conflict with clothing firm Mambo. This was the first of the brand’s styles to feature the pioneering High Definition Optics® (HDO®) and XYZ technology.

Zeal Optics HD2 goggles

It’s that time of year again, autumn but pretty much winter going by the temperature in this office. It’s time to get the old suitcase down from the attic and get last year’s winter clothes out. One thing you may want to leave up there is your cruddy old ski equipment cos we now have a new,sh*t hot goggle in store for everyone. The ZEAL HD2.

Oakley Sunglasses

The Oakley brand was founded in 1975 by 'mad' scientist James ‘Jim’ Jannard. Frustrated that no-one was taking his groundbreaking ideas seriously, he started his own business with aspirations of creating products that not only looked great but performed better than anything seen before.

Oakley airwave ski goggles

The Airwave™ takes Oakleys penchant for science and technology to new heights. The integrated heads up display gives you instant access to stats about your current run, jump analytics that show distance, height and airtime.

Ray Ban glasses

Founding company, Bausch and Lomb, began to produce prescription Ray Ban frames during the 1970s. Like the hugely acclaimed sunglasses, Ray Ban spectacles grew in popularity and quickly earned the reputation as a premier brand of prescription glasses for kids and for adults.

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