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Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses

Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses

The Ray Ban Clubmasters series presents an intelligent and timeless concept showcasing both character and style. Featuring the unmistakable half-framed design, this model, like many other Ray Ban sunglasses, has adapted well to changing times. Historically this frame has been linked to some of the most prolific worldwide writers and thinkers, giving Clubmasters that studious, scholarly appeal.

Ray Ban has earned a reputation as a trusted household name and is popular with a wide range of people. The classic look of the Ray Ban Clubmaster, Wayfarer and Cat collections continue to attract a broad customer base. With prices varying upwards of £70 these legendary sunglasses are prized for their effortless adaptability to any wardrobe as well as offering the latest in eye protection technology.

Recent additions to the Ray Ban 3016 Clubmaster range include more bright and trendy colour choices for the label`s younger fans. The enduring look is sought after across the generations and the RB3016 model is ideal for fashion-forward students, teachers and for those looking for something a little different.

Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses were prominent in the 1950s, experienced a comeback in the 80s and are now enjoying a rejuvenated interest with modern-day consumers. This isn`t the first time an iconic Ray Ban sunglass has found renewed success in the current market. Signature models such as Aviators and Wayfarers were massively popular with the first wave of admirers and they continue to be hugely successful thanks to thoughtful reinvention.

The Clubmaster sports the instantly recognisable half and half frame design and is crafted with attention to quality and durability. The company`s commitment to using high grade materials and innovation is another vital component of its success. The Ray Ban Clubmaster is a shining example of the balance between trendsetting, strong design and optimum shielding from the sun.

Originally developed by Bausch and Lomb, a major supplier of eye care products, the Ray Ban philosophy was born from a dedication to advancements in eye care. While keeping fashion and comfort in mind, the company expanded attracting the buying masses and its products were instantly embraced by women, men, outdoor enthusiasts and Hollywood actors alike. As with many of the brand`s renowned sunglasses, Ray Ban Clubmasters will surely continue to be rediscovered and loved by the next generation of shoppers.