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Bond...James Bond...[Top secret] for your eyes only

Bond...James Bond...[Top secret] for your eyes only

When I was younger I wanted to be him. He gets the women, he gets the sweetest cars, always reppin a smooth suit, wearing the latest sunglasses and just going about his business like he's the man. From Sean Connery up to Pierce Brosnan, 007 has been a sophisticated, charming, ladies man. Why wouldn’t I want to be him?

Now we have the new James Bond, Daniel Craig. Skyfall has not long been released, and personally,  I think really brought him out of his shell as Bond. Casino Royale was good, I didn't really think much of Quantum of Solace, but Skyfall has boomed in the box office. So with each Bond there’s a new car, new gadgets, new girls, new villains. Now this is a glasses website right, so one guess what’s new that caught my eye. Sunglasses,  James Bond sunglasses.

Let`s start with the first film, Casino Royale. Bond is seen wearing two new sets of sunnies. Both of which are made by Persol. First he is seen wearing a set of Persol metal frames, the 2244. These look so hard, but also sophisticated and stylish. Only fair to be worn by Bond. The second pair, equally as cool, are a pair of plastic Persol frames, the 2720.

After Casino Royale came Quantum of Solace where Bond had started to wear Tom Ford Sunglasses. Bond is seen wearing the Tom Ford 108s. This frame is almost like a classic  aviator  frame but a bit stylistically different. These have been noticed to look like Oliver Peoples Airman sunglasses.

Now Skyfall is out. This time though Bond has stuck with Tom Ford. In the new Bond film, Bond can be seen wearing Tom Ford Marko TF144. An even sleeker frame than in the last film. This frame is even more like an aviator this time, which makes me like it a bit more, it kind of felt something was missing from the 108s. A classic,  retro style  that lives on.