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Authentic Ray-Ban Sunglasses - How to spot

Authentic Ray-Ban Sunglasses - How to spot

While it may be easy to fool a consumer into buying fake Ray Ban sunglasses at first glance, there a several tricks that can be used to spot a rip-off. Looking at the box alone can often reveal whether or not a pair of Ray Bans is a copy. Genuine Ray Bans would not come in a box that appears faded or too glossy - the authentic packaging has a matte finish. Also if the sunglasses arrive with only a case and no box this might indicate a phoney product. 

Another great way to spot fake Ray Ban Wayfarers is to closely inspect the case that the product came in. An authentic Ray Ban case will look and feel like real leather and will feature impeccable stitching and quality. A counterfeit case will often have loose stitches and the inscription will be of a poor standard.

When examining the sunglasses make sure that there is a gold seal label stuck onto one of the lenses. With genuine Ray Bans this gold foil seal will be shiny and a static-cling but on copies this is likely to be just a normal sticker.
Fake Ray Ban sunglasses will have a brand engraving that is inconsistent with a legitimate pair of Wayfarers, Aviators or Clubmasters. An official pair will feature an engraved logo at the top of the right lens that is bold, bright and sharp. A fake pair will be unlikely to have an engraving at all but rather a printed logo that can be easily scratched off and also may be mis-spelt. With true Ray Bans, if the lenses are glass there will usually be a ‘RB’ etched onto the left lens which is rarely present on copies. Apart from the logo, also look at the hinges because real Wayfarers are known for oversized metal hinges and a false pair would have cheap, plastic versions. The general feel and look of an authentic Ray Ban is one of class with a smooth, solid frame and faultless, regular lenses.